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Welcome to! We have all your supplies and recipes for Brewing Beer, Cheese Making, Soda Making, and Wine Making. We also Carry a wide range of rather exciting and exceptionally brilliant commercial beer, wines, hard ciders, sake, mead and craft sodas!

Farewell to Max!

It's true!  Max is leaving us!  But, we wish him well for a new chapter in his life as he heads back to Burlington, Vermont to become a cider maker!  His official last day is Saturday, April 22nd, but we will have his farewell party on the 21st.  To send him down the road with a fine Corvallis send-off, there will be a beer tasting just for him! Wolf Tree Brewing will be in the house and for every bottle of Wolf Tree sold during the event $1.00 will go toward Max's gas fund to make sure he gets the 3,087 miles under his belt!

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2012 Brunello di Monrtalcino Pre-order Offering

The 2012 Brunello di Montalcino is tagging some excellent scores and wonderful reviews.  Many are now just coming into my distributors and many will fly off the truck fast...perhaps, never landing on a store shelf.  Ensure your cellar with this pre-order offer!  I need your orders in by Wednesday, March 29th!

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Would you like some science with your wine?

Interesting article about some of the hidden factors behind "bigger" wine producers and how they deliver high flavor points at low cost. Although, spoiler alert, how wine can cost less after being put through all that R&D and then analysis and then quality control is...surprising, to say the least. 
Nonetheless, good wine is a good thing. Enjoy!

William Fevre 2015 Chablis Pre-Sale Offering Ends March 22nd, 2017

The wonderful beauty of chardonnay in the form of Chablis is a mind-boggling proposition!  William Fevre's efforts showcase sea shell minerality and focused fruits.  The 2015 vintage is a marvelous release and they will disappear quickly!  This is a great opportunity to secure your cellar and with a discount before the wines even leave France!

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Bouchard Pere & Fils 2015 Presale offering

I had the wonderful opportunity to have lunch with Philippe Prost, 30 year veteran wine maker for Bouchard Pere & Fils, Burgundy's largest producer.  We went through the 2015 soon-to-be released vintage and this highly acclaimed year truly is phenomenal!  While not the most age worthy, these wines show great power and strength, elegance and focus right out of the gate.  The 2015 growing season was classical and the wine truly was made in the vineyard with very little winery management.

While I will have limited quantities in the store, I won't bring in all tiers and this vintage is going to disappear quickly!  I'm offering a 15% discount for any pre-orders whether it's a single bottle or a case.  Wine is expected to be delivered in June and 100% payment is needed to secure your request.


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My Quality Control Captivates Your Party Patrol

Meet Neil Witte, the man who took it upon himself to be the quality control for all beer outside the brewery. Ever. 
Well, maybe I'm over simplifying. He founded the company Craft Quality Solutions. CQS inspects the cleanliness and specs of draft systems, freshness of product, and anything else that could come between the brewery that hired him and their drinkers. Or rather, anything that could prevent those drinkers getting the very best possible beer from that brewery - no matter how far down the supply chain those drinkers might be.
Check out this neat interview BeerAdvocate Magazine did with him over his company, but also his personal philosophy, experience in the field (as QC for Boulevard Brewing Co, and then BBC/Duvel/Moortgat)

Here's hoping the increased focus on, and accessibility of, Quality Control resonates throughout all of our beer drinking experiences. Cheers!

The Late Night Paper Pusher

Late one night this week I found myself wanting to do some shop work, but not craving any ol' beer or wine.  I had open, from the holiday tasting season, the remnants of a 3 Puttonyos Tokaji and quite frankly, it fit the bill!  Refreshing enough with zippy acid to keep me engaged, sweet enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, worldly in nature to make me feel special and alcoholic enough to calm the Inner Beast.

A product of Hungary, this is a wine made with botrytis fruit - often referred to as "noble rot" because the botrytis elevates the sugar content of the grapes allowing for the production of sweeter wines.  The Oremis cellar is also very cool and moist, about 50 f and 95% humidity.  The mold that grows in the cellar protects the cast from drying out and I believe helps to impart a flavor to the wine that supports the botrytis profile.  So, in this wine that is sweet, tart and alcoholic, there is also this underlying earthy quality that lies some where between umami and good ol' funky mushroom.  This is a wine declared "the wine of kings and the king of wines" as its reputation proceeds many European estate dinners.  Try it with pate', ripened cheeses, dried apricots or all alone, late at night while pushing some papers around your office!

Oregon Bottle Deposit Inrcease!

As of April 1st, 2017, the Oregon State bottle deposit will jump up from $.05 to $.10 per container.  For the full nitty-gritty details visit this website.  The overall effect of the original 1971 law was essential in keeping the environment a greener place.  As an 8-year-old kid I could make a killing with a few discarded bottle finds at Gumps Grocery.  In 1971 you could buy a first class stamp for $0.08, a loaf of bread for $0.25 and a gallon of gas $0.44 cost less than a gallon of milk $1.32.  The increase to $0.10 will help incentivize people to return cans, but it's not like people have returned to tossin' 'em out a speeding car.  Nope, we are a lazy sort and we have resorted to eating the nickel in the face of easier curbside recycling options.  So, I'm not optimistic that the increase will help clean up the environment or alter the statistic that we are recycling more.

As a small business our return policy is to take the returns you bring in for redemption  out to our recycle bin for Republic to haul away.  We could sort and send bottles and cans back to the distributor for our deposit, but for 10 or 12 items a week that we receive,  it just is not worth our time or limited space constraints to manage empties.  I don't anticipate an increase in returns with the April 1st, 2017 law.  But, in the event that we do, here is our policy.  We will only accept quantities less than 24 in a 24 hour time period.  We will not accept items that pose a health risk with unidentified substances / obvious dirt in the container.  And, you must have proof of purchase that the bottles and cans originated from Corvallis Brewing, keep your receipts!

Left Coast Cellars White Pinot Noir = Delish!

Left Coast Cellar's White Pinot Noir, 2015, is DELISH!  Just a hint of sweetness with a bit of fruitiness - fuzzy apricots and pears - with a creaminess that extends into a long and delicate orange creamsicle finish.  What I appreciate most about this "ying-yang" wine is that as a "noir" this wine is very blanc and it approaches white wine appearances.  Very smoke and mirrors approach to wine making.  Why not just drink a chardonnay or a pinot gris?  Simply put, because this wine transcends traditions and expectations.  Good with food, good with a friend or good on its own or all alone.  2015 vintage is $20

New Year, New Blog

The bottle shop blog idea has been ruminating around the back of my brain for quite some time now and I thought it best to just get it going!  The gist of it is that we will use this blog to announce new releases, rant and rave, discuss contemporary issues and to review commercial products in the beer, wine, cider, sake and mead realm.  I've also begun another blog that some of you may find useful / interesting and that is for all aspects of home fermentation, whether it be for beer or wine, cheese or vinegar, cider or soda....  Cheers!


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