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Produttori Del Barbaresco 2013 Produttori Del Barbaresco Single Vineyard Cru Riservas pre-order information for Produttori Del Barbaresco - 2013 a bookmark vintage!

The 2013 vintage for Barbaresco is stacked up to be dynamite , in fact, Aldo Vacca, the GM for this collection of grape growers, has deemed it a quality vintage for releasing single vineyard Cru wines.  Here's the scoop on the vintage.

2013 harvest will be remembered as a classic one, with picking operation progressing almost until the end of October! It started with a cold and wet tail of the winter which caused a very delayed start of the growing season. Nebbiolo’s buds brook in Barbaresco around April 12th almost two weeks behind average timing!  Most of April and May were cold and quite wet with intense rainfall, over 8.0 inches in just 3 weeks, and farmer’s skills were put at test due to favorable conditions to mildew’s attacks right from the outset of the season.  June and July were blessed by much better climate and both flowering and fruit set happened regularly.  Needless to say July green harvest and careful canopy management were crucial in a vintage like such.  Despite the good turnout of the second half of the summer, vines were not quite able to fully recover the delay and by early September we were looking at healthy grapes, still quite behind schedule in the ripening process.  September brought cool nights and warm, bright days, particularly in the second half of the month, and conditions remained fair also into October. Nebbiolo is the grape that benefits more from this climatic condition, properly developing to the full the phenolic profile that grants complexity and produces wines best suited for aging.

Thanks to the protracting good weather conditions, we were able to wait and pick late, starting harvest on October 10th and ending it two full weeks later. October harvest was the norm during the ‘80s but has becoming an exception in the new millennium when harvest usually happens around last week of September. Late harvested grapes bring into the wine complexity, structure and ripe tannins combined with intense color, all quality that will result in elegant, yet powerful wines of great balance and longevity, definitely a “classic” vintage!

If you want any of these wines I must have your order by Wednesday, June 14th.  Because I have to pay for the wines at the time of my order, pre-payment in this case is necessary.  Delivery of the wines will be mid-late August and I'll extend a 15% discount on six or more bottles of the same or mix-and-match.  While this is a great vintage, I most likely won't be stocking to much for the store, so your pre-order is the best option for securing these wines.

BARBARESCO PORA: The Dolce Vita Wine.  $50.00 / 750 ml

The sandier soil gives to the Pora wine a smoother character, tannins are soft and the aromas always tend to evolve a little faster. This vineyard shows a more exotic character, sometime earthier, than others; it has a “laid back” attitude and it makes me feel like I want to sip it resting in my comfortable armchair, eating pieces of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, watching an old Fellini movie.

BARBARESCO RIO SORDO: The Silky One.  $50.00 / 750 ml

Tannins are never dominant in the wines from this vineyards; instead the Rio Sordohas a silky quality on the palate that makes it extremely attractive and seductive, never imposing: like a young, beautiful, aristocratic girl at her first debut into society: modest, shy, but totally confident of her beauty. Maybe that is why the Rio Sordo is an all time favorite of my dearest friend, superb wine taster and president of Vias Imports, Mr. Fabrizio Pedrolli.

BARBARESCO ASILI: A Word On Its Own.  $52.50 / 750 ml

This spectacular vineyard has created in the past some of the greatest Barbaresco and it has a strong following all over the world. The wine is intense, certainly not a monster but nevertheless with a very imposing personality. Usually quite close in its youth it opens up slowly showing impeccable complexity and style... a classic Barbaresco, and also one of the most distinctive vineyard of the region.

BARBARESCO OVELLO: The Tomboy.  $50.00 / 750  $100.00 / 1.5 L

One of my favourite vineyards, not only because I live on top of it, but because I do like its exuberant and youthful quality. Thanks to the specific soil the Ovello Barbaresco show explosive fruit on the palate and firm, sometime rough, tannins on the finish. Maybe they do not have the elegance of some other areas, but these wines always bring a lot of joy, and demand a lot of attention, on the palate... like a young teenager that never stops running around full of energy and life.

BARBARESCO MOCCAGATTA: Pristine Beauty. $50.00 / 750 ml

The only single vineyard that looks south-east, facing the slightly cooler morning sunshine instead of the hot afternoon one; because of that the Moccagatta vineyards show more floral characteristics and often a specific mint character on the nose. I really love its extremely focused fruit and I think that no other vineyard combines the elegant and intense qualities of Barbaresco as well as Moccagatta. It is not imposing on the palate like some other crus, but it does have an extremely focused and bright fruit that reminds me of those crispy early morning wake ups back in my trekking days in the Piedmont Alps with pristine skies and snowy peaks in front of me...

BARBARESCO RABAJA`: Pure Breed. $52.50 / 750 ml  $105.00 / 1.5 L

Rabajà is in my opinion the quintessential Barbaresco, the most complete and balanced of the single vineyards. I remember a dinner just about 10 years ago at the famed restaurant Da Guido where, after a number of excellent Barolo and Barbaresco dating back to the 70s, Piero, Guido’s son, come over with a special bottle and told me: “this is to celebrate the friendship between my father and your father”. It was a bottle of 1971 Rabajà, of which Guido Alciati bought the entire production of 1.000 cases contributing largely to the international fame obtained by this vineyard. That wine was one of the best Barbaresco ever produced.

BARBARESCO MONTESTEFANO: The Barolo Of Barbaresco. $50.00 / 750 ml  $100 / 1.5 L

The extra heat of the south facing slope gives to the Montestefano a fuller body and an almost meaty texture with impressive depth. For all these reasons it is probably the Barbaresco that most reminds of Barolo where tar and roses prevail on the refined violet flavors. Despite this massive attitude it remains a true Barbaresco, never too heavy on the palate and with a classy finish that lingers on the palate without overwhelming our senses.

BARBARESCO PAJE’: Evergreen. $50.00 / 750 ml

This 12 acres vineyards is owned for over 60% by two members of the Produttori del Barbaresco with an average production of 12.000 bottles a year. It lies between the village itself and the famous Asili vineyard and shares with the Asili the same south / south west exposure. However the Pajè is slightly lower in altitude and the vineyard is more open to the Tanaro River influence resulting in a cooler microclimate. The soil is more compact than the soil of the Asili, with higher calcium level. In result the wine combines elegance and complexity with intense tannins and it is never shy in acidity. The latter makes Pajè sometime more sharp and bright in its first years, yet particularly attractive after some ageing, when the wine still taste fruity and youthful. First vintage produced was 1982.

BARBARESCO MONTEFICO: The Academic.  $50.00 / 750 ml

Eight acres out of 20 belong to four Produttori farmers in this vineyard not widely known, yet highly sought after by the Barbaresco old time aficionados. It is often compared to the slightly larger and more famous Montestefano vineyard because of the close proximity between the two. Montefico lies half way between the Montestefano and the Ovello, on the same main ridge. The “white soil” (high calcium) of Montestefano merges here with the slightly more clayish Ovello soil. Exposure is full South, therefore quite warm, but mornings during the growing season are brisk because of the cooler air coming up from the narrow valley between the villages of Barbaresco and Neive. The result is a wine of great power and fierce tannins. Austere in its youth and somehow  less fleshy than Montestefano. However the breed is one of great class and the complexity behind the tannins, incredible. The total annual production is only 6,000 bottles and the first vintage produced was 1974.

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