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Spring Cleaning Wine Liquid-ation and Stock Your Cellar Event

Wine saleJoel Rea

Every year I like to have the proverbial "spring cleaning" and this year is no different except for how I go about this one!  Set your calendar for Saturday, April 22nd as I'll be flushing out some overstock wines.  A lot of 2015 rose', some stragglers from previous shelf sets that mostly sold through, library wines that have finally aged-out and are "ready" to drink and some eclectic wines that mostly only a wine bottle shop owner could love (and am trying to get you to love!)

Here's the deal!  On Saturday all wines In the shop will be 15% off.  Except, I'll have some tables set up with specially marked-down bottles and the prices across the board will be lower than what I paid for them!  I'll have some sample bottles open for you to check in on as well.