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2013 Futures Offering of 2013 Vintage Cru Produttori Del Barbaresco

Joel Rea

Produttori Del Barbaresco has a long history of collecting nebbiolo  fruit from its member farmers and producing an amazing wine with a tradition of supporting the farmers in good years and in bad.  The 2013 vintage is soon to be released and it is proclaimed a banner year for Barbaresco! So very good that Produttori is releasing single vineyard Cru Riservas!

The 2013 vintage started off with a long, wet and cold winter that slowed the start of spring bud break, this year two weeks later than typical.  April and May were cool and wet with over 8 inches of rain.  The rest of the summer was warm and sunny and vineyard management went as to expected.  The fall received cool nights and warm, sunny days that extended into the end of harvest at the end of October, a full two weeks longer than normal.  This extended hang time allowed for complete ripening for tannin development and color contribution.

Requests need to be in by Tuesday, June 13th, 5:30 pm! and with only 35 cases of each wine brought into Oregon it could be tight!  Please contact Joel directly by calling or stopping in to the shop.  541.758.1674.

Barbaresco Cru Asili Riserva  - $52.50 "A word on its own", the most classic example of  nebbiolo fruit in the form of Barbaresco!

Barbaresco Cru Montefico Riserva $50.00 "The Academic",  Only 6,000 bottles produced from this yet discovered, hidden gem!

Barbaresco Cru Montestefano Riserva $50.00, "The Barolo of Barbaresco" comes from an extreme south-facing vineyard, thus the extra heat produces Barolo-type tar and rose petal characeristics.

Barbaresco Cru Moccagatta Riserva $50.00, "Pristine Beauty" is gathered from cooler, SE sloped vineyards with a morning light influences.

Barbaresco Cru Ovello Riserva $50.00 ''The Tomboy" is Aldo Vacca's, Produttri's GM,  because he lives on top of this vineyard but also because of its youthful vibrancy.

Barbaresco Cru Paje Riserva $50.00 "Evergreen'' comes from a cool site with lots of calcium in the soil resulting in toned-down tannins and elegance.

Barbaresco Cru Pora Riserva $50.00 "The Dolce Vita Wine" is grown on sandy soils providing a smoother profile.

Barbaresco Cru Rabaja $52.50 "Pure Breed" is considered to be the most complete and balanced of the vineyards.

Barbaresco Cru Rio Sordo Riserva $50.00 "The Silky One"  because the tannins are never dominant and the profile is elegant and "silky' smooth!