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William Fevre 2015 Chablis Pre-Sale Offering Ends March 22nd, 2017

Grand Crus Chablis (Domaine)

  • Les Clos 2015 12/750ml  Reg. $145.00 / Pre - $130.00
  • Bougros Cotes Bouguerots 2015 12/750ml Reg. $127.50 / Pre - $115.00
  • Les Preuses 2015 12/750ml Reg. $130.00 / Pre - $117.50 

Premier Crus (Domaine)

  • Montee de Tonnerre 2015 12/750ml Reg. $72.50 / Pre - $72.50
  • Vaillons 2015 12/750ml Reg. $62.50 / Pre - $57.50
  • Montmains 2015 12/750ml Reg. $57.50 / Pre - $50.00 

Premier Crus (non-Domaine)

  • Fourchaume 2015 12/750ml Reg. $62.50 / Pre - $57.50 

Wines are expected to be delivered in April 2017 and 100% pre-payment is required at time of ordering.  If you have any questions, please contact Joel.

A ‘Solar’ Vintage of Exceptional Quality
Weather conditions - Recorded rainfall, a very wet April (64% up on the monthly average). June
and especially July particularly dry (a 75% drop).August abnormally wet (66% up on seasonal
norms), largely due to the hail storm of August 31.
Insolation: Abnormally high, especially in April, June and July, with sunshine hours up by an
average of 13%
Temperatures: A mild winter, particularly in January. February and early March prove colder than
usual (a 30% drop in temperature).Late March - early April: a spring affected by morning frosts.
April 12, onwards: the first signs of warmth, but not consistent. Despite summer weather from
April 20, temperatures drop slightly below zero over a two-week period from April 27, and briefly
on May 21 Settled hot weather from June 2. A combination of hot, dry weather and wind through
the first fortnight in June. Mid-June - throughout July: continuing heat and drought. September
cooler than usual (1.8°C lower on average)
The growing season on our Domaine: Winter was late to arrive, with the first frosts not occurring
until February, and then only for a short period. Bud break then commenced with the first days
of spring warmth, from April 12 onwards. Temperatures started to rise, but spells of summer
weather were interspersed with frosts and rain until the end of May. The hot weather set in at
the start of June, just as flowering began. The optimal weather conditions ensured that this part
of the growing season was short and consistent. Hot, dry weather prevailed until the end of
August, resulting in virtually non-existent rainfall, particularly in June and July, which in turn
caused water stress. A spell of wet weather in the second week of August finally brought some
much-needed rain. Meanwhile, the hail storm that occurred on August 31 affected yields but not
the quality of the upcoming harvest, particularly since it heralded a clear drop in temperature.
Harvests, vinification and ageing: The grape-pickers started work on Thursday September 3,
first harvesting the 3 areas hit by the hail storms: Montmains, Les Clos and Montée de
Tonnerre. The remainder of the crop yielded grapes of exceptional quality, and of perfect
ripeness, producing excellent alcohol content of between 12° and 13.5° The alcoholic
fermentation took place in perfect conditions, and was closely followed by the malolactic
fermentation, which was completed at the start of spring.
Bottling has already taken place for the Saint-Bris, Petit Chablis and Chablis wines, while the
Premier Cru and Grand Cru wines are currently matu-ring in stainless steel tanks on fine lees.
Our wines right now The wines are very fruity and concentrated, offering a superb balance
between richness and delicate tension

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