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wine bar

We are now able to serve wine (& beer!) by the glass while you shop.  There are three flight options, or you can have a glass pour of any of our featured wines.  


Sparkly Tuesday

On Tuesdays we pop a cork on a new bubbly and see how it evolves over the week!

Open Now:

  1. Prestige, Brut, NV Bourdaire Gallois, Massif Saint Thierry
2016-03-22 13.55.21.jpg

Current Events

These are wines we want to introduce you to.  They may be new to us, or maybe they haven't gotten the attention we think they deserve.  

Open Now: Pink Wines that do not Suck!

  1. Angels and Cowboys, Oeil de Perdix Rosé
  2. Côtes du Luberon,Château le Canorgue
  3. Rosé Pinot Noir, The Eyrie Vineyard
  4. Domaine Tempier, Bandol Rosé


2016-03-04 07.28.52.jpg

History lessons

This line up has rarities from the cellar.  These wines have been hanging around a while and these tastings may be the only time you'll be able to get a taste as most of these wines are extremely limited.

Open Now: 

  1. 3 Fools, Fools Gold, 2008
  2. Pourpre, 2010, Grenache, Domaine Gramenon, Côtes du Rhone
  3. Bandol Rouge, Domaine du Gros Nore, 2000, Bandol, France
  4. Clos de Gamot, Cahors, 1988, Famille Jouffreau, Prayssac