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The next cellar release will be Saturday, November 17th, 2018 starting at 8:00 am!

Artist's rendering of the Corvallis Brewing Supply Cellar...

Artist's rendering of the Corvallis Brewing Supply Cellar...

Down in the deep dark recesses of the Corvallis Brewing Supply basement hides piles and piles of beers over which the Corvallis Brewing Supply staff laboriously and lovingly fondles...I mean, maintains and organizes on a day in/day out basis...all for two days each year. We have 2 cellar sales a year during which time we release lovingly cared for, age-able beer.  We have the likes of Deschutes, Ale Apothecary, Orval, Block 15, Russian River, Full Sail and many more choice beers. We've been actively cellaring beers for over 5 years and so as we progress along the releases just keep on getting more interesting!

The two release dates are:  The Saturday before Thanksgiving and the Saturday of Easter weekend.  So, you see, the date will vary from year-to-year but always it is the same two Saturdays.  We open early, 8:00 am with coffee and doughnuts for the early birds.