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Corvallis Finalists At The KLCC Microbrewfest Home Brewing Comp

home beer brewingJoel Rea

Last weekend Eugene's radio station KLCC hosted their annual microbrew festival and home beer brewing competition.  For the home brew comp. there were 225 entries in 25 categories. Here are your Corvallis area friends and neighbors who fared well!

  • Joel Rea, Martian Sunrise, Flanders style red, Cat. 23B - 1st
  • Joel Rea, MEJ, Wild and Brett Beers, Cat 28 B - 1st
  • Daniel L. Adas, Spring Nectar, Experimental Mead - 1st

Best of Show was a Scottish Light, second was a Belgian Tripel and 3rd overall was a Belgian Pale Ale.  For a full list of all the category winners go to the following website. for the full list of winners.