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Mid-Willamette Valley Home Wine Makers Make Medal @ 2017 Newport Wine & Seafood

home wine makingJoel Rea

Customers of Corvallis Brewing Supply did well at the 2017 Newport Wine and Seafood Festival amateur wine competition and  a rousing applause to those of you who submitted wines!  CBS is a drop off location for the event and we had 10 wines delivered to us.  So, for 6 to take home some medal, that's pretty dang good!  For the full list of winners, visit

  1. Ken Abbot, 2016 Riesling - Gold
  2. Joel Rea, 2011 Tempranillo - Gold
  3. Ric Blasquez, 2013 Estate Pinot Noir - Silver
  4. Ed Siener, 2013 The Shop Sangiovese - Silver
  5. Travis Marcus, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon - Bronze
  6. Joel Rea, 2004 Syrah - Bronze

Except for Ed and Ric's wine, the other wine maker's fruit came off of Southern Oregon's Quail Run Vineyard, located near Ashland.