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We have the yeast!

Joel Rea

A fresh order of Imperial Organic Yeast straight outta Portland has landed!  If your favorite is not here, please let us know and we can special order it for you.  We also have your old favorites in stock from Wyeast and White Labs.  White Labs now offers some exciting new strains that are currently in stock.  WLP-085 English Ale Blend which is a blend of British ale yeast strains, and is designed to add complexity to your ale.  It is drier than both 002 English and 005 British ale yeast and is good for an English Pale, Bitter, Porter, Stout and an IPA.  WLP-009 Australian Ale produces a clean and malty beer.  You will notice a pleasant ester character, that is bready in nature when using this yeast.  And it can ferment successfully at higher temperatures.

In case you didn't know, we also continuously carry the Platinum series by White Labs.  Our current offerings through White Labs is as follows: Bedford British, Essex Ale, East Midlands, Belgian Wit II, Antwerp, Abbey IV, Belgian Saison III, Zurich Lager and Belgian Lager (for more info please refer to