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Cheese Recipes!

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Mozzarella: The monstrous cheese that ate Corvallis!

Quick in Dirty recipe for about one pound of hot!hot! cheese


*1 gallon pasteurizedwhole milk (but not ultra-pasteurized!)

* 2 teaspoons citric acid

* 1/4 teaspoonliquid rennet or 1/4 rennet tablet

* cheese salt to taste (I prefer 1- 1/2 tsp.)

*optional ingredients: herbs, spices, lipase powder


Process: (got 30 minutes?)

  1. dilute the rennet in 1/4 cup cool water.
  2. In a stainless steel pot add the one-gallon of milk and stir in the 2 teaspoons citric acid.
  3.  Raise the temperature up to 88 degrees f.  At this point the milk will begin to curdle.
  4.  When the milk reaches 88 degrees add the rennet and stir gently with an up-and-down motion.
  5. When the Whey no longer looks milky-white strain off the curds (I like to pour the contents through a kitchen strainer lined with cheesecloth.
  6.  Put the curds into a microwaveable bowl and press off the remaining whey.
  7.  Place the curds in a microwave and nuke for one minute on high.
  8.  Drain off the whey and knead the cheese. Knead the cheese until it is cool to touch. The cheese will be very hot which can make you feel uncomfortable but the heat is important for making the finished cheese very stringy and taffy-like!
  9.  Add salt, herbs, spices and nuke the cheese for 25-40 seconds (depending upon efficiency of your nuke-o-lator) and knead to make the cheese more stringy and shiny).
  10. Nuke the cheese, again,  for 25-40 seconds (depending upon efficiency of your nuke-o-lator and knead to make the cheese more stringy and shiny).
  11. Roll into a ball and eat it right away. If you must wait, cool it, wrap it and fridgerate it.


Monstrous Altercations: 

    • Peppercornation: Add 1/2 tsp. Tostep #8
    • Little Italianation: Add 1 tablespoon fresh basil and 1 tablespoon dried tomatoesat step #8
    • Bomb m Boyzation: On a hot griddle, drop 1x1x1 cubes of fresh monstrous mozzarella onto a hot griddle until the melted edges turn brown.  Eat it up as fast as you can!
    • Lip it-ation: Add 1 tsp. Lipase Powder, at step #8,  for a stronger cheese flavor.


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