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Bottle Shipping Information

As of Summer 2017 we are only allowed to ship alcohol to the states listed below.  However, we cannot guarantee that we can ship to any given address within these states.  We don't make the rules, we're happy to check for you, though. 

California,  Idaho,  Louisiana,  Missouri,  Nebraska,  Nevada,  New Mexico,  Oregon,  Virginia,  Washington D.C,  Wyoming

We cannot ship any hard alcohol.  Period.  We can and will ship your home fermented beer, wine, cider or mead.

The price will vary upon the distance and relative speed that you want it to get there.

Depending upon the weather, we may suggest that you wait to ship your beer or wine.  Beer and wine can freeze or get cooked, so there are seasons of the year when it is best to not ship booze!

For shipping materials, we offer for sale moulded shipping boxes that fit 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 12 bottles.